Who are the top 10 Tallest Humans living on Earth?

Do you know who are the top 10 tallest humans on earth?


Top 10 tallest Humans: If you imagined ‘The Mountain‘ from the ‘Game of Thrones‘ was one of the tallest of the human beings walking on earth, let me tell you he doesn’t even come close. If we were to list out the tallest of humans in the world, ‘The Mountain’, Sir Gregor Clegane would feel vertically challenged. Here are some of the tallest humans in the world. Also Read: Top 5 Cutest Animals , 10 Strongest Superheroes , India democratic country 

The top 10 Tallest Humans are:

1) Sultan Kösen (8 ft 2.8 in)

Sultan Kösen: : 10 Tallest Humans

A Kurdish peasant, Sultan Kösen stands at a height of 8 feet 2.8 inches and is the tallest living man in the world occupying the 1st position in the top 1o tallest humans list, as per Guinness World Records. His abnormally tall height is due to an infirmity called acromegaly that affects the production of growth hormone in the pituitary gland and forces the pituitary gland to keep releasing the growth hormone even when it is not needed.

2)  Brahim Takioullah (8 ft 1 in)

Man with world's largest feet finds fame: 10 Tallest Humans

The second tallest living person in the world is Brahim Takioullah from Morocco and holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest feet in the world. Suffering from the condition of acromegaly, Brahmin always had difficulty finding shoes that were big enough to fit his feet, until his doctor got a pair specifically made for him.

3) Morteza Mehrzad (8 ft 1 in)

Morteza Mehrzad: T10 Tallest Humans

Morteza Mehrzad (3rd in the top 10 tallest humans list) is a Paralympian who plays for Iran’s men’s national sitting volleyball team as an outside hitter. He too has acromegaly. He competed at the 2016 Summer Paralympics and also became the match top scorer. Not only is he the tallest man in his country Iran, but also the tallest Paralympian ever.

4)  Dharmendra Pratap Singh (8 ft 0.7 in)

Dharmendra Pratap Singh from  Uttar Pradesh : 10 Tallest Humans

A Master of Arts in Hindi literature, Dharmendra Pratap Singh (4th in the top 10 tallest humans list) hails from Uttar Pradesh and stands tall at 8 feet 0.7 inches and has struggled to find the love of his life because of his height. He hasn’t been able to get a regular job for the very same reason and had to take up a job at an amusement park where he was paid for allowing people to click pictures with him. 

5) Zhang Juncai – 7 ft 11 ¼ in

10 Tallest Humans

Zhang Juncai, (5th in the top 10 tallest humans list) who hails from Shanxi Province is another man on the list who stands at a height of 7 feet and 11 inches approx. He was the tallest man in China till 2010.

6) Asadullah Khan (7 ft 11 in)

10 Tallest Humans
10 Tallest Humans

At 7 feet 11 inches, Asadullah Khan (6th in the top 10 tallest humans list) is the 2nd tallest man in India. Interestingly, his family members including his brother, mother, and father are only 5 feet tall. Asadullah belongs to Kendrapada in West Bengal.

7) Naseer Soomro (7 ft 10 in)

10 Tallest Humans

Naseer Ahmed Soomro (7th in the top 10 tallest humans list) belongs to Shikarpur in Pakistan and is considered to be the tallest man in the country. He once shared how he was commanded by the police in Shikarpur to avoid stepping out of his residence on weekends because his presence attracted huge crowds beginning law and order problems in the area.

8) Bao Xishun (7 ft 9 in) 

10 Tallest Humans

Interestingly, Xishun Bao (8th in the top 10 tallest humans list) who is a rancher from Mongolia in China, was of average height until he was 16 years of age. It was only afterward that he grew in size. He got married in 2007, at an age of 56, and possesses a son from the marriage. 

9)Sun Mingming (7 ft 9 in) 

10 Tallest Humans

Sun Mingming, 9th in the top 10 tallest humans list, is a known and professional basketball player from China and is considered to be the tallest basketball athlete in the world. He is married to Xu Yan who is only 6 feet 1 inch (compared to him) and a handball athlete. They met each other at the National Games of China and ultimately fell in love. Mutually they are known as the tallest couple married in the world. Sun Mingming has also performed in films like ‘Funny Soccer’ and ‘Rush Hour 3’. 

10) Radhouane Charbib (7 ft 9 in) 

10 Tallest Humans

Charbib was known as the tallest man in the world until 2005, after which Bao Xishun took the title from him. He was just 2mm shorter than Bao Xishun. Radhouane Charbib is the last man standing at 7 feet 9 inches is the last man in the top 10 tallest humans list.

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