A 3rd Outbreak Of The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Unavoidable

A third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is inevitable, principal scientific adviser to the Centre Prof K Vijay Raghavan.


3rd Outbreak Of The Covid-19 Pandemic: Given the higher levels of coronavirus circulating in the world, a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is unavoidable, according to the Indian government’s principal science advisor, K VijayRaghavan.

3rd Outbreak Of The Covid-19
3rd Outbreak Of The Covid-19
3rd Outbreak Of The Covid-19

“Given the elevated amounts of circulating infection, a phase three is unavoidable, although it is unclear when this phase three will occur. We should brace ourselves for new waves “During the press conference, K VijayRaghavan said.

“Scientists in India and around the world are working to predict these types of variants and respond quickly by issuing early warnings and creating updated tools. It’s a rigorous study effort that’s taking place both in India and abroad.”

About 2.25 lakh people have died in India as a result of COVID-19 infections, with many more dying in the second outbreak, which has peaked in the last month and a half. The first round of coronavirus infections peaked at 6.3 million in September 2020. In comparison, the overall number of diseases has now surpassed 20 million.

The lack of preparation, along with the country’s inadequate health system, exacerbated the second wave. According to the United Nations Human Development Report 2020, there is just one hospital bed for every 2,000 citizens.

Many of the deaths have been attributed to a lack of planning, from gene sequencing to maintaining a sufficient supply of hospital beds and oxygen, as well as vaccine procurement.

The Indian government has come under fire for downplaying the challenge of the second wave and enabling (even encouraging) public meetings and election rallies, including those attended by the Prime Minister.

The government also said, “The long Covid-19 wave of such ferocity that we are witnessing was not expected.” However, sources indicate that the government dismissed scientists’ concerns about the second wave weeks before there was an increase in new cases.

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