‘Android System Update’ beware, your personal data is unsafe

Beware of the fake app named 'Android System Update'. It can steal your data.


Researchers who look after the security of Android devices claim that there’s a powerful new Android malware that pretends itself as a critical system software update and is hidden under the name of ‘Android System Update’. If you install the system software update, it will take up complete control of your device and steal your data.

Android System Update
Beware of the Malware

Researchers at mobile security firm Zimperium discovered that this malware was found bundled in an app called ‘System Update‘. This system update had to be installed outside of Google Play and once you install it, the malware will communicate with your operator firebase server and becomes capable of remotely controlling your device. Also read: INTERESTING 10 DAILY SUPER FOODS TO CALM ANXIETY | Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds | Top 5 Cutest Animals Living on Earth

Malware for Android appears as a system update - Somag News
Android System Update | Malware

What type of data does ‘Android System Update’ steel?

This spyware can steal your personal data such as messages, contacts, device details, browser search history, browser bookmarks, calls records, it also records your chat with someone using the microphone, and takes your photos using your phone’s camera. This malware can also track your location, your searches for document files, and can record data from your device’s clipboard.

The malware is capable of hiding itself, and it does so by reducing how much network data it consumes by uploading thumbnails to the servers rather than the full image. It also fetches your most personal data, including your location and photos.

Zimperium CEO Shridhar Mittal said that the malware was a part of a targeted attack. He also informed that this malware is one of the sophisticated ones that the company has ever dealt with. 

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