Beware Of Whatsapp Pink Scam

Everything you should know about Whatsapp Pink.


What is Whatsapp Pink?

WhatsApp Pink is basically malware or a computer program that intends to hijack its target system. The virus gets its name from the alias under which it is being spread on WhatsApp groups. The detailed message containing the virus will promise the user that by clicking on the link the user will get a pink-themed Whatsapp. This message will also contain images showing chats from a pink-coloured WhatsApp. 

Whatsapp pink
  • Many WhatsApp users have been reporting seeing and even forwarding the WhatsApp Pink message.
  • The message tells you to download a Pink version of WhatsApp instead of the standard Green one.
  • Once clicked, the link can give complete access of the victim device to the hacker and they can access all your data.

It is not the first time that WhatsApp is being used for such activities. However, this new malware can cause the victim to completely lose control of his or her device and the data in it.

The malware was spotted and made public on Twitter by a cybersecurity researcher. He said that the virus could give a hacker complete access to a phone on which the virus establishes itself. The dangerous computer virus is being spread under the name “WhatsApp Pink.”

WhatsApp Pink

WhatsApp users have been reporting receiving such a link on their phones, while many have forwarded it without knowing about it. Sharing such unverified information is a major part of the problems faced by WhatsApp users.

Hackers take advantage of this, as they know that such misinformation spreads easily through WhatsApp. They simply disguise their malware or virus in a luring format, and people begin to either download or share it with others without knowing. But if people become more and more aware of how such scams work, they should be careful of such misleading messages and links.

The easiest and the most effective safety tips you can follow at a time like this is not to click on any such unverified or links. Any third party link that redirects you away from WhatsApp should be checked properly.

WhatsApp users are also suggested to stick to the updates officially available by WhatsApp. Any such third-party modifications to the app can turn out to be dangerous for the entire device. So stay away from Whatsapp Pink!

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