Get Rs 1 Lakh In Exchange Of 50 Paisa Coin, Here’s How


1 Lakh In Exchange Of 50 Paisa Coin: These days, old notes and coins may help you make lakhs of rupees simply by staying at home. If you enjoy collecting ancient coins, there is good news for you: certain old coins are being sold for large sums of money online, with many individuals and organisations prepared to pay lakhs of rupees for these old coins.

 50 Paisa Coin
50 paisa coin

What to do with old 50 paisa coins

If you have an old 50 paise coin, you may make thousands while sitting at home. It should be noted that the Indian government discontinued the circulation of 25-50 paise coins in 2011. Surprisingly, individuals had ceased using these coins long before the government decided to discontinue their circulation. As a result, these coins have become obsolete, yet they can now assist you in becoming a billionaire.

A website is selling the 50 paise steel coin for Rs 1 lakh. All you have to do is go to the website and sell the old coin from 2011. You may become a seller on a website like Olx. You must first register as a seller on the website before uploading a photo of the coin. You should look on OLX for auctions of ancient coins or notes.

Similarly, if you have an ancient 25 paisa coin, all you have to do is photograph it and post it to, where people participate in auctions. The coin will be awarded to the person who bids the most. You have the right to bargain with the buyer.

The only catch is that the colour of your 25 paisa coin should be silver. You can also get good amount of money by selling old 5 paisa and 10 paisa coins. You can sell those coins on where one can get the old coins.

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