New Feature: Instagram Will Let Users Add Pronouns On Their Profiles

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow you to add up to four pronouns to your profiles. Here is what we know.


Instagram: is working on one or more features to improve the user interface. Today, the photo-sharing service revealed that users would be able to assign up to four pronouns to their accounts. The person would have the option of making their pronouns available or just open to their supporters. They have only launched the function in a few countries. The firm hasn’t said much about its intentions to expand the feature in the market.

Instagram will now let users add pronouns on their profiles - Technology  News
Instagram new feature is available in few countries for now:

Vishal Shah, Vice President of Product, shared a sneak peek of the feature on Twitter, writing, “Now you can add pronouns to your profile with a new area.” It’s another way to express yourself on Instagram, and we’ve always noticed a lot of users use pronouns, so maybe this makes it much better. Currently available in a few countries, with hopes to expand.”To link to persons for the uninitiated, we use pronouns. Users should apply pronouns such as they/them/theirs, she/her/hers, and he/him/his to their profiles. This is only one example of pronouns that can be used; the list is extensive, and any variation is conceivable.

To submit pronouns that do not appear as choices when adding them to your profile, users must fill out a form at Instagram has stated that it would “continue to update the list of words over time so that more users around the world can quickly share their pronouns.”

Long before Instagram considered releasing the update, people all over the world had defined their gender or attached pronouns to their accounts. However, if users choose to show their gender on their profile, they can now use a dedicated profile.

It has not disclosed which countries have received the new feature. In the United States, some people were able to apply pronouns to their accounts.

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