How Mayur Jumani’s new reel took Shweta to another level?


It’s very obvious that you may be aware of the name Shweta (the #1 trending name on Twitter).
She is a girl who forgot to keep her mic off during a zoom call and unknowingly shared the secrets of her pandit friend with 111 others, and then ‘the rest is history’.

Mayur jumani too Shweta to another level.

So, if you were expecting a mash-up song (as happens with every meme that goes trending nowadays) of the new Zoom call blunder, you are lucky because it’s here!

Mayur Jumani, a music producer, composer, and digital content creator, has done the job for you.
Mayur posted a reel on his Instagram account in which he converted the conversation of Shweta and Radhika (the other girl on the call) into a song.
Soon this reel too went viral and received more than 5lakh views and 70k likes.

“Shweta your mic is on!”

Also, the internet is swamped with memes on – ‘The zoom girl’.


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