New US President Joe Biden’s 22-minute speech, a proud moment for India: 9 points to note!

New US President Joe Biden's speech summarized in 9 important points.


Joe Biden‘s 22-minute speech cantered mainly around democracy, unity, disagreement, and the violence on Capitol Hill.

When it was 10.30 pm on Wednesday 20th, 2021, according to Indian time, the US got its 46th and oldest president. A 78-year-old man named Joe Biden took the oath of office in Capitol Hill, laying his hands on a 128-year-old Bible. At this time, his wife Jill Biden held the Bible in her hand.

Also, former President Donald Trump was targeted in Biden’s Inaugural Speech. Biden tauntingly thanked Donald Trump, who was absent during the ceremony.

Regarding the violence on Capitol Hill on 7th January, Biden said, “Where we stand today, there was a huge crowd, a few days ago. They thought that they could change the will of the US citizens with violence. They thought they could stop democracy and remove us from this holy place. But it did not happen and never will. Neither today nor tomorrow nor ever“.

Important points in Biden’s inaugural speech:

1. Democracy is precious:

Biden in his Inaugural speech said, “We have learned once again that democracy is precious and fragile. Democracy prevails in the US. Today is not the day of victory of any person, but the day of victory of a ‘cause’. This is what democracy looks like. Democracy is important, even if there is disagreement. This is America. Democracy is the biggest strength of our country“.

2. Celebrating the victory of democracy:

The new US President stated, “It is not a celebration of the achievement of any particular candidate, but a celebration of the victory of constitutionalism. Together we will strengthen the economy. America will be stronger than ever. It is America’s day. It is the day of democracy. It is the day of expectations“.

3. Power of unity:

Referring to the need for unity in the country, Biden said, “We have challenges. Unity is most needed to secure America’s soul and its future. In a democracy, unity is very important. With this unity, we can reach every destination, we can give good jobs to people, children can be taught in safe schools, and we can win over this pandemic. We cannot make America the master of good things in the world without unity. Be it 9/11 or World War or recession, we always overcame every situation because of unity, and we can do it again. Peace is impossible without unity. Unity will show us the way forward together and we will write the story of hope, not fear“.

4. Need for justice:

Biden continuing his inaugural speech stated that his desire is to endeavour and carry all the Americans strengthened and united towards the future. He also said, “We can defeat anger, hatred, extremism, violence, and despair. We can also overcome this coronavirus that has shaken the whole world. We can uphold justice. It may seem silly to some people when I speak of ‘Unity’, but America is constantly beating nepotism and racism. Victory is not always sure, and we saw this on 9/11, 2001. We have gone through a long struggle to reach this point“.

5. Disagreement does not mean war:

Biden elaborated, “There were conditions like the civil war in history, but we saw that violence can never silence someone’s hard work of life. If you disagree with me, then you must stay tuned. This is America, disagreements can be maintained while maintaining peace. I am the President of every American. I promise to even those who do not support me, I am as much president for them as my supporters“.

Joe Biden also said, “History teaches us that unity should be perpetuated. Every disagreement does not necessarily lead to war. Everyone has the right to disagree with peace. It is not necessary to break or twist facts. Our country was and will always be strong. Our country can become strong even by disagreeing with each other”.

6. We will be tested:

The American president Biden said, “We have a lot to perform. We will be judged, judged, and judged. I think we will write a great chapter of American history together. If we do this, then the coming generations will say that we did a good job. I will protect the Constitution, I will protect democracy, and I will protect America. We have to write a new American story, full of expectations, not fear. I promise that I will be the President of every American“.

7. Sharing forces exist:

Biden also talked about the fear sitting in the minds of every American citizen. He tauntingly said that some powers have divided America’s spirit of unity, and the roots of these forces are very deep and real. He also said that these powers aren’t young. There are several examples of conflict in American history. Cases of fear and racism were seen earlier too. He continued and said that he agrees that some Americans still experience this today. They keep looking at the ceiling, lying on the bed at night. They are worried about health, money, family, and their tomorrow.

8. Learn from Capitol Hill

Biden also added the incident of Capitol and said, “On this auspicious day, we are standing below the dome of Capitol Hill.  It was built during the Civil War. We did not step back even during those difficult situations.  And today, we are standing again in the same situation. We have to end this unsolved war. We have to come forward from the debate of Red or Blue, Rural or Urban, and Conservative or Liberal. This can only happen if we start looking into our souls. We will surely sow the seed of kindness and harmony“.

9. For the first time, American President’s speech was written by an Indian: President Biden’s speech was written by Vinay Reddy, an Indian.  Earlier, when Biden became Vice President (2013–17) for the second time, Vinay was his Chief Speech Writer. According to Wall Street General, Biden’s speech writing work began only after the results were released in November last year.

Vinay Reddy is originally from Potireddipeta village in Karimnagar, Telangana. His nephew Choleti Sai said that he and his family are proud that his Uncle had a chance to write the presidential speech.

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