Offensive content will not be shown on OTT platforms. New rules ! Read now.

Offensive content will not be shown on ott platforms.


Guidelines have been prepared because of the constant complaints and suggestions regarding the content appearing on the OTT platforms and will be implemented soon ( the dates are not announced yet). Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar gave this information to Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour.

Offensive content will not be shown on OTT platforms, new rules will be implemented soon.

Government’s view on OTT platforms.

Prakash Javedkar said that many complaints are being received about the content appearing on the OTT platforms and suggestions have also been received about its regulation. Describing it as an important subject, Javadekar said that guidelines in this regard have been prepared and will be implemented soon.

Earlier, BJP’s Mahesh Poddar raised the issue claiming that during the covid-19 pandemic, the Internet has emerged as a very useful online platform, and OTT platforms for entertainment have grown people’s reach. He said, “But the language of the material shown in it is objectionableThis platform must be regulated“.

Earlier, Prakash Javadekar had said that a lot of complaints have been received about some series telecasted on OTTs. The OTT’s films and programs did not connect to the law of the Press Council, cable television, and the censor board. A smooth arrangement will be announced for their operation soon.

There was a lot of controversy in the past about Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, and Tigmanshu Dhulia’s web series ‘Tandava‘. The case caught up so much attention that even the government had to interfere in it. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, taking cognizance of all the complaints, sought an answer from Amazon Prime on this. It was claimed that Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been teased in the ‘Tandava’ web series.

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