2nd Time Petrol And Diesel Prices reduced In India

Petrol and diesel prices reduced in India by 22 and 23 paisa respectively.


Petrol And Diesel prices in India were reduced on March 30, 2021, for the first time in 5 days following a drop in international fuel prices. The petrol and diesel prices were reduced by 22 paisa and 23 paisa respectively, in New Delhi. Earlier prices were reduced on March 25th after which it remained unchanged.

Petrol And Deiseal Prices reduced by 22 paisa.

After this reduction, the petrol price in the national capital was at Rs 90.56 per liter. The price of diesel was Rs 80.87 per liter, according to Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL). Also read: 6 states own 78% of India’s new Covid-19 cases | a man who Killed a leopard barehandedly | Top 5 Smallest Animals in the world

The reduction in the fuel prices on 25th March was the first time in 2021 and was mainly due to the drop in international oil prices to the lowest since early February after the second wave of COVID-19 infection raised hopes for a speedy recovery in the amount of consumption of the fuel.

Meanwhile, the petrol and diesel prices in some cities across India are:

Mumbai ₹96.98 per litre₹87.96 per litre
Kolkata  ₹90.77 per litre₹83.75 per litre
Chennai ₹92.58 per litre₹85.88 per litre
Noida ₹88.91 per litre₹81.33 per litre
Bengaluru₹93.59 per litre₹85.75 per litre
Hyderabad ₹94.16 per litre₹88.20 per litre
Jaipur ₹97.08 per litre₹89.35 per litre
Prices as of 30th March 2021

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