Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite Could Be The Most Affordable Folding Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is largely rumoured to launch at the next Galaxy Unpacked event. This event is expected to be held on August 11 and will likely see the launch of other devices such as the Galaxy Fold 3 and the Galaxy Watch 4.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: By August 11, Samsung will have put rumours to rest by unveiling an upgraded portfolio of foldable smartphones. This year’s Galaxy Unpacked presentation is expected to focus on foldable smartphones rather than Note series devices. Leaks of a Galaxy Z Fold 3 and a Galaxy Z Flip 3 have so far shown the new designs. However, another model, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite, is on the way.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite

Samsung is working on a lower-cost Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite for the general market. This variant is expected to be priced lower than the normal Galaxy Z Flip 3 and will be more accessible to the general public. Except than specifying the debut date, the article does not reveal any of the expected specs or tease the design.

The standard Galaxy Z Flip 3 is likely to receive a significant design update over the previous generation. Instead of the 1.1-inch OLED display on the exterior, a larger 1.9-inch display is expected. This may display entire messages and perhaps provide users with basic device controls. A redesigned design fits the larger display in the same way as the previous Pixel 3 series did.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Appears in 360-Degree Videos; Galaxy Z Fold 3  Renders Surface to Suggest Colours | Technology News
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung is likely to utilise this new design for its mass-market Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite and rely on a midrange processor to keep pricing low, comparable to the Motorola Razr 5G. However, we anticipate Samsung to reach lower pricing than the Razr.

Another option for Samsung is to reuse the design of the Galaxy Z Flip, which is still available in India for as little as Rs 72,000. The earlier design, with its smaller outside display, might assist Samsung in achieving considerably cheaper pricing. As part of its cost-cutting initiatives, Samsung might employ a Qualcomm 4G processor.

At the time, these are only rumours, and Samsung has yet to make an official announcement. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is projected to be the company’s flagship model this year, replacing the Galaxy Note 8.

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