Startups are a growing trend in today's world. But they also accumulate some of the weirdest in the world.


WEIRDEST STARTUP IDEAS: Startups are a growing trend in the world. We come across a lot of startup ideas, but all are not the same. Some have the weirdest of the ideas one can think of. Here we’ve presented 10 of the weirdest startup ideas that you may have ever imagined about.

Weirdest startup ideas such as: CannaKorp

Funding: $4.2M

The Legalisation of marijuana has unlocked the door for all kinds of startups. CannaKorp ‘s main focus is on changing the way marijuana patients smoke. Labeled as “Keurig for weed,” this futuristic and sleek unit uses pods of K-cup-like structure to deliver well-measured doses of vapor at predictable strengths, without the mess of grinding, rolling, and then smoking.

Headquarters location: Stoneham, Massachusetts, United States

Founded: 2014

Parent organization: Target Group

Co-Founder & CEO: James Winokur

CannaKorp| startup ideas
CannaKorp Raises $5.7 Million In 2016

Duoo Underwear 


With some studies proving that cell phone radiations are capable of increasing cancer risk or lower sperm count, Duoo Underwear is making men assured that they don’t have to take any chances. These stylish French undies protect men from different types of electromagnetic radiation. They are made with a patented “SilverShell” material, that according to the company, mimics the characteristics of a Faraday cage and helps block electromagnetic radiations.

Headquarters location: Chavanod, Rhone-Alpes, France

Founded: 2015

Director and Founder: Romain Robert

duoo underwear -| startup ideas
Duoo underwear | startup ideas

Elysium Space


SpaceX isn’t the only private startup that wants to send humans to space. Elysium Space too does the same but only after you’re dead. The company’s offer includes blasting off your remains into space, where they may either land on the moon to enjoy an eternal lunar nap or be released back into the atmosphere where your remains will burn up on reentry and give your loved ones an otherworldly moment of beauty.

Headquarters location: San Francisco, California, representation in Tokyo, Japan.

Founded: 2013

CEOThomas Civeit

Elysium Space Station |  HorseCom
Elysium Space Station | Startup ideas



Ag Tech isn’t just a crop-tracking software, now even your cows can be wirelessly tracked. Herd Dogg equips your cows with sensor-laden tags, which collect data on all your cows’ activities through a device named s “Dogg Bone”. You being in the Dog Bone range can access the data of your cow activities on your phone without spending hours manually tracking and inspecting them.

Headquarters location: Ashland, Oregon, United States

Founded:  2015

CEOLou Faust

 HerdDogg  startup ideas
HerdDogg startup ideas


Funding: $12.7 M

Stretching down to tie up your shoes can be a hard daily task for some people (like you, lol), which is why Hickies produced these stretchy straps that can be swapped into the holes of any lace-up shoes, turning them into comfortable and trendy slip-on. Your fingers and lower back will thank you.

Headquarters location:  Brooklyn, New York, United States

Founded:  2011

CEOGaston Frydlewski 

Hickies: Laceless  | startup ideas
Hickies: Laceless | startup ideas


Funding: $1.13M

It takes a silly and different point of view to look at your horse and say “what he needs is headphones.” HorseCom intends to use technology to help the horse and its rider, get the most out of every interaction. Its system includes headphones for the horse and a special helmet for the rider equipped with a microphone. It even has special music tailored for “horse sensibilities.” The music is installed to calm and focus the horse, also the headphone mic combo lets the horse hear your voice commands more easily making the interaction much easier.

Headquarters location: Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, United States

Founded: 2015

CEO: Hugo Kajdas

 HorseCom| startup ideas
HorseCom| startup ideas


Funding: $60k

Yes, startup Manservants is headed by a group of women. The website insists, “This is a real service.” The startup proposes you to hire a smart, handsome, and generous guy to wait on you nonsexually (they’re very obstinate about this part). There’s a wide collection of proposed uses for your ‘Manservant’ including a Heartbreak recovery package, a package for special events, a package including cabana boy for a pool party, and many more. You just order and your Manservant is ready. You can also choose how your Manservant should dress and you can even pick the names you want for them.

Headquarters location: San Francisco, California, United States

Founded: 2014

CEO: Dalal Khajah 

ManServants  | startup ideas
ManServants | startup ideas


Funding: $270k

If you think that mild electric shocks are just for cartoon characters and lab rats, then the Pavlok team wants to have a word with you. Pavlock developed a device that helps users get rid of bad habits by exuding a mild electric shock when the user involves in any unwanted behavior. The device is paired with a program that takes care of everything. If you have any trouble waking up on time then Pavlock is here to help you by giving you mild shock when you go back to sleep after waking up.

Headquarters location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Founded: 2013

CEOManeesh Sethi 

PAVLOK  | startup ideas
PAVLOK | startup ideas


Funding: $760k

Thanks to the IoT, for connecting everything. With Playbrush, you can monitor the oral hygiene of your child. The company markets a toothbrush that is less of a toothbrush and more of a controller. Your kid can brush and play at the same time, making brushing one of the most ordinary daily activities.

Headquarters location: London, England, United Kingdom.

Founded: 2014

CEO: Paul Varga-Co-Founder & CEO

Playbrush:  | startup ideas
Playbrush: | startup ideas

PMS Bites

Funding: $100k

Encouraged by the simile of women eating chocolate during PMS, the PMS Bites team developed gluten-free, vegan chocolate balls instilled with therapeutic herbs like Siberian ginseng, dandelion root, and chamomile intended to soothe PMS symptoms.

Headquarters location: Boston city in Massachusets, United states.

Founded: 2016

CEOTania Green

PMS BITES | startup ideas
PMS BITES | startup ideas


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