New Viral video of 2 folk singers is stealing the hearts of the people

A viral video of 2 folk singers that is stealing the hearts of people. Also appreciated by the Prime Minister.


Recently, two folk singers are going viral on social media after Prime Minister Narendra Modi retweeted a tweet consisting of a video of two singers singing ‘Mahadeva’ song and playing instruments at the same time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with several others is super impressed and applauded the young boys for their talent. The original clip was posted to Twitter by a user called @brijeshchaodhry but was later reshared a number of times by several users.

PM Modi captioned “Bahut Badhiya” along with the retweeted video.
Social media users enjoyed the song and gave the video more than 9 lakh views, more than 70 thousand likes, 22 thousand comments, and 3 thousand retweets as soon as it was posted by the PM, and flooded the comment section with loads of cheers.

Some comments on the Viral video of 2 folk singers:

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