Why is Indian Army day celebrated on 15th January every year?

This day is celebrated each year to commemorate the taking over of the top commander of the Indian Army.


The Indian Army celebrated its 73rd Foundation Day on the morning of 15th January 2021. Indian Army Day is celebrated on 15th January in the country every year because, on this day of January 1949, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa took charge of the Indian Army from the British General Sir Francis Butcher.

Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa

The rank of Field Marshal is highest in the Indian Army. This position is only given as honor. So far in Indian history, this rank has been given to only two officers, Sam Manekshaw and K.M. Cariappa.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

 Sam Manekshaw is the country’s first Field Marshal and was conferred with the post of Field Marshal by the President in January 1973. K.M. Cariappa was the second Field Marshal of the country and was made Field Marshal in the year 1986.

Francis Butcher was the last British Commander-in-Chief of India after whom, Field Marshal KM Cariappa became the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. This day is celebrated each year to commemorate the taking over of the top commander of the Indian Army.

On Army Day, the entire country remembers the unbeatable courage of the Indian army, their bravery, valour, and sacrifice.

Indian Army:

– Indian Army was established in the year 1776 by the East India Company in Kolkata.

– Indian Army is ranked among the three topmost armies in the world along with China and America.

– Indian Army is the largest component of the Indian Armed forces, which operate on the ground.

This day is celebrated in New Delhi and all the other Army headquarters in the country, with military parades, military exhibitions, and other official events. There is also a parade of army troops from different regiments.

On this day, the Indian Army bestows honour and salute to all those brave soldiers, who dedicated their whole life at some point in time, supremely for the safety and welfare of the country and its people.

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