Zomato Has Come Up With a New ‘Priority Delivery’ Feature For COVID-19 Emergencies

Several restaurants have partnered with Zomato to prioritise orders with covid emergencies.


Food delivery app Zomato on April 21has come up with this “priority delivery” feature on the application for orders that will be marked as “COVID-19 emergency”.

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Priority delivery feature


The delivery of such orders would be expedited through prioritised preparation at restaurant kitchens and “fastest rider assignment”, Deepinder Goyal (founder) said.

“Today, with the support of thousands of our restaurant partners, we just rolled out a ‘priority delivery for covid emergencies’ feature on the app. This feature will allow the customers to mark *This order is related to a COVID-19 emergency* option during checkout,” he tweeted.

“All deliveries to such customers will be contactless to ensure the safety of our riders, and subsequent customers. Needless to say, all customers should opt-in for contactless deliveries right now,” he added.

He also thanked the “thousands of restaurants” who have partnered with Zomato and agreed to prioritise the ‘COVID-19 emergency’ orders at their end.

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