Indian Debutant’s dream debut against England; Akash Deep picks three wickets in his very first test spell


In the fourth test match between India and England at Ranchi, debutant Akash Deep managed to dismiss Duckett and Pope in the same over, followed by Crawley, showcasing his skill and making it seem as though he was not a debutant but a seasoned player. It is not easy for a fast bowler to make his debut in India and Akash Deep took three wickets in his first spell. And all three dismissals were proper wickets.

 Akash sent back Duckett and Pope in the same over and then Crawley could not make the most of his reprieve as he was cleaned up for a second time. It seemed like Akash needed to make his Test debut.

But Who is Aakash Deep? Akash plays for Bengal in domestic cricket and the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. His father Ramji Singh served as a government school teacher in Bihar’s Sasaram. He faced opposition from his parents and neighbors in Bihar for his passion for playing cricket over academics.

Akash Deep’s father wanted his son to appear for exams that would help him land a government job, but Akash was keener on not giving up his interest in cricket. His father advised him to attend the Bihar police constable’s exams or at least try for the state government’s Class IV staff peon job.

Emotional Aakash Deep touches mother’s feet ahead of India Debut

However, he faced setbacks at a time when he was focusing on his career ambitions as his father and his elder brother died unexpectedly, leaving behind Akash as well as two sisters in their family. His father and elder brother died all within six months and Akash became the immediate breadwinner in his family.

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