#modi_job_do is trending with 330k+ tweets, why?

The Indian Government is unsuccessful in keeping up its promise of giving jobs, which resulted in an outrage of students on Twitter with hastags trending such as #modi_job_do.


The bulk of trending hashtags on Twitter on 25th Feb 2021 was about growing unemployment and late results of government exams, and changes in examinations. #modi_job_do was one of the top hashtags on Twitter with more than 5 million tweets. The other trending hashtags were #मोदीरोजगारदो (Modi give employment) and #Mama_Rojgar_Do, which targeted Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh.

#modi_job_do trending at#! on Twitter.

Growing unemployment in India, failures, and delays in conducting and concluding various government exams coupled with frauds in exam processes, resulted in students making hashtags trend on Twitter against the Modi government.

Before the Covid19 pandemic hit the world and brought the world to halt, India was already suffering through the highest number of unemployment for the past 45-years. The pandemic further worsened the employment opportunities in the country, with private organizations throwing out employees, daily wage laborers struggling with no work left, and governments holding recruitment processes for different departments. Several million lost their jobs, as a result, in January 2021, only 400 million people were employed in a country with a 1.39 billion population.

In the year 2020, on the occasion of Prime minister Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday, Twitter users took it upon themselves to make the prime minister realize the growing joblessness and acute economic crisis in the country.

Many individuals and political parties together launched a social media campaign, and the day was soon termed as “National Unemployment Day” on social media. Hashtags like ‘#17Sept17Hrs17Minutes’, ‘#राष्ट्रीयबेरोजगारदिवस’ and ‘#NationalUnemploymentDay’ went trending on the microblogging platform – Twitter.
The hashtag #राष्ट्रीयबेरोजगारीदिवस (or national unemployment day) reportedly had about two million tweets.

#modi_job_do being targeted by politicians

However, the #modi_job_do hashtag became the global hashtag with a huge amount of students and opposition party members participating in the crusade.
Congress leader and politician Rahul Gandhi also tweeted using the hashtag.

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