Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

Here is a list of chrome extensions which can be used for digital marketing and SEO.


Discover the best Chrome extensions for digital marketing, whether you’re looking for new keywords or to improve your writing style.

Trends in the industry change quickly, as digital marketing experts we need to be updated. Trying to keep up with the ever-changing world can be daunting. With the aid of useful methods, staying up to date and applying best practices in SEO and digital marketing is much simpler.

Here are some Chrome Extensions you should be using:

Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Chrome Extension: Headline Studio analyses headlines and suggests better vocabulary and phrases boost SEO. It also analyses whether the headlines are outperforming or underperforming in comparison to rival headlines. Headline Studio is perfect for advertisers who want to develop their header writing abilities and create high-quality, intriguing headlines on a regular basis.

Homepage of Headline Studio by CoSchedule.


Chrome Extension: Wordtune employs AI technologies to evaluate your work and assist you in developing a simpler and more convincing writing style.

Although fully AI-generated content is called spam by Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines, using an AI platform to improve your writing style can be extremely advantageous.

Homepage of Wordtune.

SEO Pro Extension

Chrome Extensions: The SEO Pro Extension is intended to easily evaluate website assets in order to provide a clear analysis of SEO info, as well as suggestions on how to optimise SERP (search engine results page) rankings.SEO Pro Extension can also identify areas of your website that lack full SEO content, such as photos that lack ALT tags. With SEO Pro Extension, you can also study your rivals’ websites and learn how to customise your website in the light of your specific industry.

Buffer Extension

Chrome Extension: Buffer is a forum that makes it easy to share the brand’s social media content. The Buffer Chrome extension makes it easy to share selected posts when you come across them.

Buffer Extension example.


Chrome Extension: MozBar, brought to you by Moz, is an on-page SEO toolbar designed to speed up your team’s research process, especially when it comes to analysing connections.It’s also useful for strategic rating intelligence on terms you’re interested in.

Characteristics of MozBar are:

When searching for external links, consider page authority and domain authority.
Highlight keywords on every website to see if the rivals are using them.
Links on any website may be broken down into observed, no-followed, external, or internal links.
Separate the SERPs analysis into a separate file.

Sample of MozBar functions.


Chrome Extension: Blog readers are turned off by poor blogging. Grammarly’s Chrome extension is beneficial for advertisement authors who want to improve their writing and sound more professional.Grammarly is one of the finest Chrome plugins for digital marketing when it comes to editing, finding syntax and spelling mistakes and highlighting awkward words.

Grammarly@EDU | Trusted by over 1000 Educational Institutions | Grammarly

Keywords Everywhere

Chrome Extension: Keyword analysis is an important aspect of SEO. You’ll be able to speed up the operation with Keywords Anywhere.

Keywords Anywhere provides the following on-page:

Study of search volume.
Cost-per-click (CPC) data for keywords
Knowledge about the competition

Using Keywords Everywhere extension for search.


Chrome Extension: It is a Chrome plugin that can assist digital marketers with a range of activities. Content marketers, in particular, should illustrate text fragments on the site as a convenient reference point for source material while writing content.

Other applications could include displaying news stories to read later or the summary of a course or webinar to view later.

Snippet helps highlight texts on the wed.


Chrome Extension: As any frequent social media user is aware, using hyperlinks in your tweets or posts can be unsightly and a waste of valuable character space. The Bitly Chrome extension allows you to quickly shorten every URL and share it with a single click. The new Bitly shortlink you make will be immediately copied to your clipboard, allowing you to carry on quickly.

Sample of bitly's URL shortener.


Chrome Extension: It offers one-click screen recording to streamline information-sharing capabilities within your team. See something useful? Quickly capture it straight from your browser and share it with relevant colleagues. You can easily annotate screenshots and videos without switching to another tool.

Screenshot of CloudApp extension.


Chrome Extension: If you’re a Google Docs user, you’ll love this handy tool. gSweets offers useful, time-saving slash commands to help you more quickly and easily format documents. If you use Google Docs, you’ll appreciate this useful tool. gSweets provides time-saving slash commands to help you format documents more rapidly and conveniently.

Time-saving slash commands of gSweets.

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