Grumpy child Anushrut’s new haircut video! PART 2

Anushrut's new haircut video part 2 is going viral on social media.


A child named Anushrut’s haircut video went viral on social media in the month of November 2020 because of his cute grumpiness and the way he threatens the barber for not touching and cutting his hair.

And now, 3 days ago i.e., 22nd January 2021, his new video was dropped on Twitter and YouTube by Anushrut’s father Anup on his Twitter handle and YouTube account, showing Anushrut getting another haircut and asking hilarious questions to the barber.

Anushrut’s parents are contented with his growing popularity on social media and are staunched in promoting it more and more.

This new video is also catching up with the pace as it recorded more than 8 lakh views and more than 45k likes on YouTube in just 3 days.

Anushrut in this video is seen sitting on a chair, covered in a cloth, getting his haircut while sobbing and urging the barber to not cut his hair.

Anushrut’s new video part 2.

People liked his first video too much and shared it across various social media platforms. Anushrut’s first video crossed more than 1.7 crore i.e., 17 million views on YouTube.

Given below is his first video that went viral.

Anushrut’s old video part 1.

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