The Family Man Season 2 Release Date: Manoj Bajpayee Drops a Major Hint For Fans

Are we getting Family Man Season 2 very soon?


The Family Man by Sharib Hashmi ended on a cliffhanger leaving several fans waiting for Family Man season 2. Since the past year, it’s been an ‘almost here’ kind of scenario for The Family Man Season 2, but now the cast and crew of the show have come out to give us some updates.

 Family Man Season 2

Recently, Sharib Hashmi reviewed the show when he said that it was mindblowing and he couldn’t sleep at night thinking about it. However, now the Manoj is seen talking about the current status of the show.

What Manoj Bajpayee had to say about Family Man Season 2

Manoj Bajpayee went into self-isolation after detecting positive for Covid-19. He opened up about it in a conversation and said, “I was promoting Silence at the same time. No matter how bad I was feeling, I was still working from home. The promotion of Silence was very difficult for me because I was the main face, so I had to be a part of all the interviews. I was feeling very weak, completely down, but I still had to it. And that kept me away from my own condition.”

He also opened up about how his friends from the film industry, “I must mention that people like Farah Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Neeraj Pandey, these are the people who have always enquired about my health almost every day. Farah is my neighbour. She’s been sending food and enquiring about my health. Really taking care. Anupam, Abhishek Bachchan, Neeraj Pandey. Our fraternity has really been very caring during these tough times. I felt there are people who care about me, who’re concerned about me.”

 Family Man Season 2

On The Family Man Season 2 streaming soon, Manoj Baypayee also added that “We’re going to get a release date from Amazon very soon.” He also replied told us whether he has any portions which are yet to be shot. He said he finished the work long back. But the lockdown has really slowed process. Does this mean we’re getting The Family Man Season 2 really soon? The latest rumours claimed that the show would be seeing a release in May 2021. Let’s wait for the best!

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