Top 5 Richest Farmers in India.

Top 5 Richest farmers in India.


India is one of the top crop-producing countries in the world. It produces crops basically like wheat, rice, pulses, peanuts, fruits, vegetables, and cotton. India is also one of the largest producers of milk and has one of the largest and fastest-growing poultry industries in the world.

Source – The India Forum

In spite of this, the conditions of the farmers in India were not considered very good. Farmers had to face a lot of difficulties and the average income was not much. But now the conditions are changing, new technologies are being introduced and with new technologies’ youth of the country have also started showing their interests in the farming sector.

Today, we will see the top 5 farmers of India.

1.Pramod Gautam:

He is a former automobile engineer who gets a yearly turnover of a crore. In 2006 Pramod opted for farming after feeling unsatisfied by his job as an engineer. He decided to give an earnest shot to farming on his 26-acre ancestral land.

Earlier, Pramod had to face a lot of difficulties, he planted white groundnuts and turmeric but these reaped no benefits and there was also too much shortage of laborers, as most of the laborers preferred migrating to cities for work.

After facing such difficulties, Pramod decided to change his crops in 2007-8, and he wholly switched to horticulture. He planted guavas, oranges, raw bananas, lemons, sweet limes and also started his own mill of Toor Dal  He also opted for modern technologies such as driverless tractors which required fewer laborers .Also, farmers  like Pramod, who have low budgets can rent farm equipments at low prices using apps like ‘Trringo‘.

Pramod sells his agricultural output under the brand name of ‘Vandana’. He gets an annual turnover of about ₹ 1 crore from the mill and an additional ₹ 10-12 lakh from horticulture, which is way more than what he was earning as an engineer.

2.Sachin Kale:

Like Pramod, Sachin is also an engineer. He completed his engineering with a degree in mechanical engineering from Nagpur. Sachin left his luxurious life in 2013 in Gurgaon, where he was working as a manager and was getting a hefty salary of ₹ 24 lakh per annum. He shifted to Medhpar (Bilaspur), Chhattisgarh, to become a farmer.

Talking about his challenges, Sachin kale said that everything was a challenge, as he had no clue about farming. He had to learn everything from tilling the land to the sowing of the seeds.

Sachin invested his 15-year-old savings, in setting up a clean energy model where his farm was useful all year round and gave a maximum profit.

Sachin Kale launched his own company in 2014 with the name of AgriLife Solutions Pvt. Ltd., this company helps farmers  with a contract farming model which is now helping more than 140 farmers  and their families to thrive well. He suggested farmers to grow seasonal vegetables when the paddy fields were left unused after the harvest.

Sachin’s agricultural start up became a success, and he started to gain a lot of profit. His annual income ranges from ₹ 1.5 crores to 2 crores which is way more than 24 lacks per arum.

3.Ram Saran Verma:

Ram Saran Verma, a high school dropout who lives in Daulatpur village in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. He was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2019.

He started with farming on a 5-acre land in the year 1990. But now, he is the owner of a 200-acre land in which he farms two vegetables and a fruit which are tomatoes, potatoes, and bananas. He cultivates bananas in 100-acre land and tomatoes and potatoes in another 100-acre land divided into 50 acres each.

His income, as of 2019, was recorded up to ₹ 2 crores per arum.

Ram Saran also provides free training of new qualities and advanced methods of farming to his farmer brothers, who seek help from him.

He uses hi-tech methods of farming such as genetic engineering for developing plants that are disease resistant and high yielding plants. He is also known as ‘Hi-tech’ farmer of India. Former Indian President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam gave him a new name ‘Farmer’s Wizard’ and said, “Ram Saran is a man who can produce gold from soil”.

4. Ramesh Chaudhary

The other farmer on this list is Ramesh Chaudhary. He is from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and an owner of three Greenstein Poly houses and a Green House.

He cultivates cucumbers and tomatoes in poly houses, plants and flowers in greenhouses, and sow maize in open fields.

One season income combined with all the three poly houses is around ₹ 35 lakhs. And one poly house runs three seasons in a year. That accounts for an income of ₹ 1 crore from poly houses. Over that there are greenhouses and open fields, with all of them combined, his turnover of 1 year reaches close to ₹ 1.5 or 2 crores. Ramesh Chaudhary also owns expensive cars and also has a luxurious bungalow. He parks his Mercedes beside his cowshed.

5. Harish Dhandev

Another man named Harish Dhandev left his government job as an engineer and decided to take up aloe vera farming in Rajasthan which yielded him great success and he ended up earning in crores.

Though Harish decided to take up farming, he had no clue about it.

Harish did his research online through resources such as MyAgriGuru, which helps farmers to connect to agricultural experts all over India.

Harish’s first 80k aloe-vera sapling which grew to a great number of 7 lakhs that helped him to get ten clients for his aloe-vera from all around Rajasthan. But soon he discovered that these clients were further selling the extracted pulp at much higher prices. So, he decided to train his own laborers on how to extract pulp from aloe-vera. Over the last few years, Harish bought more land and now grows aloe-vera over a hundred-acre land. Dhandev Global Group is the name of  Harish’s company which is located 45 km from Jaisalmer and his annual turnover ranges from 1.5 crores to 2 crores.

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