International pop star Rihanna’s 26 words tweet on farmers’ protest. Here’s why she is trending!

Rihanna tweeted on the prevailing farmers protest in India and the internet cut in Delhi.


Recently, international pop star Rihanna took to Twitter about the prevailing farmers’ protest in India. In just 26 words, she talked about the protest by asking, “Why aren’t we talking about this?!” while sharing a report by CNN world, which talked about the ‘Internet cut around Delhi’ with farmers protest in stride.

Rihanna on Farmers protest in India.

This 26-word long tweet followed by a question mark and an exclamation mark was more than enough for Twitter users to turn their attention towards this famous pop star.

Some users supported her, while some were seeming against her.

But, similar to all Twitter trends, the internet overflowed with posts, satire, memes, and obviously jokes. We tried to present to you some of the best ones:


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