10 funniest and cutest animal videos that you may find relatable!

Check out the funny cat and dog videos that will make you laugh and roll out on the floor.


In such difficult times, where we humans have so much pressure from work, personal life, and even the world, sometimes, we forget to laugh, smile, and enjoy. Somehow, we are slowly increasing the distance between us and happiness. So, today we brought you some little bits of happiness through some funniest, cutest, and relatable short animal videos that will freshen up your mind and help you get closer to happiness.

# 1. Lazy Dog

In the above video we can see a lazy dog being dragged by its owner. That’s how I go to the office on Monday mornings! 😂

# 2. Cute Cat

We see a cat cuddling its owner. That’s how I get my work done! 🤣

# 3. Musical Dog

Why do you need a band partner, when you own a dog? 😍 We see a dog drumming.

# 4. Swagger cat

That cat is full of swag. Even we humans lack so much swag! Here, we see a cat turning moping robot without even looking at it. 😆

# 5. Yoga Puppy

We see a cute dog performing hand-stand on stairs! 😍. I cannot do that ! 🤣

# 6. Happy Dog

We see a golden retriever enjoying his own company on a swing! 😍. Yes, I do that sometimes. 😜

# 7. Confused Pup

We see a dog owner dropping a piece of biscuit on a glass table. That’s me looking at the problems in my life. 😜 🤣

# 8. Mischievous Cat

We see a cat pushing another cat in the pool. That’s how I hang out with my friends! 😜

# 9. Rolling Cat

We see a cat being pushed by a dog while running. That’s me getting hit by the reality of life!  😐 😜

# 10. Happy Owl

We see a man petting an Owl. That’s how I feel when someone praises me for doing something good! 😊

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